“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” Samuel Beckett

Long story short, we showed up at RTO Pune just over a hundred of us, and we failed. We checked each application to make sure all necessary documentation was attached, all in order,  each deaf applicant went to the front desk to submit they’re application. They were told deaf people couldn’t apply, they were not eligible to hold a license. So we went to the head of the RTO with a copy of the Delhi Judgement and we asked her to explain why her office was choosing to ignore a clear court order.

The woman looked more than a little unhappy, she took a copy of the judgement and our details and told us she would have to meet with her own supervisor (conveniently away for the day at a prior engagement) and would have an official response for us in 2 weeks.

So we rounded everyone up and told them we would have to wait just a little longer, then we got on the bus and came home. When word got to K, well, it wasn’t a pretty sight. Why didn’t we make more noise? The system is broken, if they want to reject the applications, reject them but they cannot just ignore people. If they wouldn’t take them- and they wouldn’t- we should have sent them in by registered mail, and then they wouldn’t have deniability. We’re going back next week, whether we have this woman’s statement or not, and one by one we will file to the desk, we will get pictures of everyone and when they refuses us, we will pass 100 people through her busy cramped office to be rejected personally. And if this doesn’t work K says we should give each applicant a metal plate and spoon, and make some noise, make a LOT OF NOISE. To be a nuisance until some one comes and officially rejects the application of a deaf man. And then we will take them to court.

I’ve never really been involved in civil unrest/disobedience. I’ve been to protests, and was lucky enough to catch Dublin’s Pride March, but I’ve never purposefully pissed people off to get my way (how terribly unbritish hehe). But we’re not to leave empty handed….

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