In Mumbai I had the honour of working for Kranti LC, a tireless, dedicated, yet eternally cynical Human Rights lawyer whose daily cases range from divorce to human rights violations through murder, rape, large scale fraud and institutional corruption.

To my delight he invited my sister and I to join him for Chai one afternoon, and discuss some ‘hot-topics’.  We poured over the  comparative value the degree structures in India and the UK, government corruption (our expenses scandal vs their bribery culture) and  wider questions of free speech. We talked of the BPAS centre in London that has been under siege (prayer vigils they call them) and whether a woman’s right to choose was being infringed by bigoted lunatics who chose to harass vulnerable women, and how that could be weighed against free speech. A long-standing advocate of women’s reproductive rights in India Kranti seemed surprised we were still fighting these battles. And then the discussion turned to the partly embarrassing and largely tragic war being fought out over choice across the USA. I told him about Ryan’s views on conception. He looked baffled. And this is when he made a point I will now carry into any discussion of this intensely important and so easily distorted issue- you must take such arguments to their logical conclusions.

In this case he explained, with a sly grin, the argument that life, a baby, begins at the moment of conception, should follow like this: 2 get into a bed, and 3 get out. So for a moment at least, 2 people are involving their unborn child in a sexual act. That’s incest, no? He smiles, a twinkle in his eye.

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