It’s often hard to find a clear, concise, user-friendly definition of contemporary feminism. This is a pretty good crack at it, and wonderfully written, makes me all the more proud to say again: I am a feminist.

Aurora La Petite

I think one of the most frequently heard things said about any social or political issues relating to women has to be “I’m not a feminist but…” and the person talking will generally come out with something that sounds pretty much like feminism to me. It seems to bug so many feminists that someone won’t throw their towel in with them and accept the feminist label. I think that getting annoyed with someone who expresses feminist opinions but doesn’t identify as a feminist is just going to lose more support for feminism than persuading people to declare their support.

I’m a big fan of Caitlin Moran’s philosophy that if you have a vagina and want to be in control of what happens to it and you, then you’re a feminist, but sometimes there is a reluctance there and there are many valid reasons why people, including me sometimes, don’t frame…

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