An important, if brief, look at the role of agency when we talk of women as an oppressed disenfranchised group- feminism is about freedom to choose and the ability to fulfill our INDIVIDUAL potential, as well as elevating the living standard of women collectively. Perhaps we could start by rolling back all the focus on “the top” which is by its very nature unrepresentative of the majority…

ShoutOut! James Madison University

I have a confession to make to my readers. I, femistorian, have a tumblr. That’s right. I am one of those people who will spend 3+ hours on the internet scrolling through my tumblr dashboard, reblogging photos and quotes until I fall asleep. A few nights ago, I was engaging in this ritual, when I came across this quote in the feminism tag:

The buzz word in popular feminism today is empowerment. When I became a feminist many years ago, the word we used was liberation. Unlike empowerment, liberation is a collective concept which means that even if my life is all rosy and “empowered,” it doesn’t mean shit for those women who are doing low paid jobs while trying to raise families. In fact, there is a very good chance that elite women’s empowerment is built on the backs of other women whose exploited labor provides the goods and…

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