The Quest for Sydney’s Best Bookshop- being objective



I’m an explorer and Sydney is a big place with many a new discovery to be made, so expect this list to grow.

Just click on any of the images below to link to each review, or the picture above for the ‘hows and whys’ of it all- let me know what you think.

If you’re feeling particularly generous, please let me know of any bookshops near you!


A Family Affair-Berkelouw Books MsPeacock Rating: 4.75

Ariel Books: A Showroom
MsPeacock rating: 2.2

Ampersand: The curious case of the cafe bookstore
MsPeacock rating: 4.75


The Bookshop Darlinghurst
MsPeacock rating: 3

Surry Hills

Oscar & Friends: Great things in small packages
(Part of the mini literary adventure)
MsPeacock Rating: 4

Beautiful Pages: Pop into a Pop-Up
(part of the mini literary adventure)
MsPeacock rating: 3.25

TITLE: Music & Film
(part of the mini literary adventure)
MsPeacock rating: 3

Amperand on Crown
(part of Wine is bottle poetry)
MsPeacock Rating: 3


Gertrude & Alice- Homeslice
Ms Peacock Rating 4.5


Modern Times: A creative escape
MsPeacock rating: 2.75

Elizabeth bookshop -giggled my way in, laughed a little within and smiled my way out…
MsPeacock rating: 4.5


Gould’s Book Arcade: A cave of Dust and Wonders
MsPeacock rating: 2.5

The bohemian sister: Berkelouw Newtown
(coming soon)


GLEEBOOKS – the Blah behind the hype
MsPeacock rating: 2

Sappho’s- Glebe’s shabby-chic poet 

The Cornstalk Bookshop– People between book shelves                                         MsPeacock rating: 3




T’s Bookshop & Cafe
Like Tretris, but with books
(coming VERY soon)

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